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Feb. 1st, 2017 @ 10:38 pm Pax Letale: A Pre-made Deity RPG
Apartments For Rent
VACANT. Hades met Charon in Mendocino County, CA, shortly after moving there. They went to Berkeley Haas together and have worked closely together ever since. Hades trusts Charon implicitly and relies heavily upon them in both his work and personal life.

VACANT. Thoth is an intelligent, measured man, capable of bringing Ares somewhat down to earth. He is a skeptic, though not necessarily a cynic.

VACANT. Resheph is Eris's adopted older brother, originally from Brazil. He and Eris have a close if rivalry-stricken relationship.

VACANT. Maui and Coyote became friends after a fight over a girl, eventually coming to respect one another. Maui is the straight man to Coyote's tricksterish ways.


Five years ago, Pax Letale opened with much fanfare to provide a home to a unique set of clientele in Newport Beach, California. After nearly a year of mishaps, culminating in the death of one of its tenants, the apartment complex was shut down by the authorities after management was considered culpable in what was being called a murder investigation. In time the investigation turned cold case, and no charges were ever brought.

Now, Pax Letale is opening its doors once more. Boasting the tagline, "under new management!," the complex is newly updated to the latest fixtures and ready to cater to customers once again. Though the building offers the latest in amenities and apartment layouts, it's difficult to get a lease. There isn't even a waiting list to be put on. Instead, tenants who do manage to end up living in the building are special — they just don't know it yet. Anyone who does end up calling Pax home belongs there.

Every tenant of Pax Letale is a deity reborn in a mortal form. Those gathered within the complex are close to an awakening, touching the memories of their former selves and realizing once again who they truly are. With this awakening comes dangers in a new form, whether it be from old enemies, those who control the building itself, or from mortals who will throw themselves at the deities' feet for the barest scrap of attention.

To each and every new member of Pax Letale — welcome home.


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