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RPG Listings
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Prime Directive of RPG_list

This community is designed for RPG promotional ads, to aid in starting up a game or find new members to join a game in progress. This is not for personal ads. The rules will never change and this resource forum will never close. I'm extremely laid back, but I do ask that any advertisers would please review the rules and loosely base your posts around the basic format I've used as an example, below. Also listed below are links to other Livejournal comms and Yahoo!Groups to help aid in your search for new members. Have fun and the best of luck in all your gaming endeavors!

RPG_List was originally created by me, Umbrae, and I could once be found rping as Boromir at Untold Tales and I formerly roleplayed in the X-Men universe at the defunct GJ game Evolvere and as Gambit and Pete Wisdom at the also defunct "After The Stand." I'm found on LJ @ box_of_soap and I still rp over on Insanejournal, my CDJ is here. I'm currently rping some MCU in PSLs, but if you want, leave me a comment in the dropbox about any game or psl offers, and I'm down for whatevs (if I have time!). You can also find journal codes here.

5 Simple Rules

1.) Please post only once a day. Spamming more than that is E-Vilness and uber!excessive. Going back to edit your post to make immediate changes in your wanted character roster is fine, otherwise wait and post again in 24 hours. TAG YO STUFF. Tag lists can help people find specific fandoms, such as Harry Potter or Star Wars or panfandom.

2.) No flammage. I don't care if you have differences with another game and no one else cares, either. This place is for everyone to use as a resource. If you want to avoid any potential conflict that might ensue, turn off the comments option for your post and leave a quick note saying to e-mail if a potential member has any questions to ask of you.

3.) Keep banner images below 65-70k so they load faster for those on dialup. They can be as large as you like, as long as they are below 70k. Not everyone has a high-speed connection. If your image has a larger file size, then place it behind a lj-cut.

4.) Please do not post ads for celebrity games or if you are a lone player looking for PSLs. There's an excess of communities to advertise celebrity games in, which often won't allow book/anime/vid/movie game postings. This is for group games, where the character must exist in written form (tv shows & movies DO have scripts after all), but they are not a personality to be bumped into in modern-day reality. In other words: this is for book, movie, tv, anime, comic, or sci-fi/fantasy types of rpgs, ONLY...kthanx.

5.) If your game is a slash game, please say so in your advertisement. Some people are sensitive to slash and its best to give them a heads up, before they go to check it out and get one helluva eyeful. Please keep your advertisements smut-free. :)


Please fill in the ( ) area with your own info. You can use links or lj codes to your sites and journals. Also, if you mix the order up or leave something out, no big! This is more of an example to loosely go by.

Name & Website/Journal: (please provide link)

Format: (livejournal, greatestjournal, AIM, MSN, etc.)

Genre: (LotR, Harry Potter, sci-fi, anime, canon, au, etc.)

Contact: (moderator e-mail or link to website/journal page)

Age limit or Rating: (13+, PG, mature, etc.)

Deadline: (open-ended, game expires in two months, etc.)

Game Info: (any information about rules, genre, plotline - place this behind a lj-cut)

Needed characters: (if the list is lengthy, please put it behind a lj-cut...if not, don't worry about doing this)

Tags: (insert fandom or genre here, such as 'Tolkien', 'Star Trek', 'Fantasy' or 'Sci fi')

Therefore, I'll show you a quickie sample entry using a fake game, and the spaces at the beginning of the lj-cut need to be taken out in order for the cut to work. I left them in so anyone who is unfamiliar with the process can see how its done. Also, feel free to shuffle it around and elaborate or simplify as much as you'd like:

Name: My RPG.
Format: Livejournal & AIM
Genre: Canon, audition required.
Contact: e-mail auditions to moderators.
Age Limit: 13+
Deadline: Open-ended.
Game Info: < lj-cut text="view game info">game info.< /lj-cut>
Needed Characters: < lj-cut text="characters behind cut">characters behind cut< /lj-cut>

tags: (insert fandom or genre here, via 'Tolkien', 'Star Trek', 'Fantasy' or 'Sci fi')

And that's all there is to it! If anyone needs help with the lj-cuts or other user specific LJ tags, please look in the LJ FAQ.


Proudly listed as part of the communitypromo, promo_directory, RPG Newbies Info.

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